Fashion Finest Africa – Theater of Fashion {Blog Review}

Thespians are indeed Fashionable!


Fashions Finest Africa is a forward-looking Business oriented platform that brings together all the players in the Fashion Industry in a unique format that is designed to advance the BUSINESS of Fashion.
Fashions Finest Africa in collaboration with the British Council & Lagos Theater Festival, presented the ‘Theater of Fashion’ which took place during the Lagos Theater Festival on Sunday 4th March at Ember Creek, Victoria Island, Lagos. The show blended fashion, costuming and theater. The show was quite enlightening and entertaining.
The Lagos Theatre Festival is ultimately aimed at creating a platform for the brains behind the captivating, creative outlooks designed through the sheer ingenuity of the costumiers while, behind the scene and is produced by Sola Oyebade.
It featured a Fashion Show and Panel talk on Costumes and Fashion in Theater.
Five amazing costumiers were featured as panelists at the event showcasing their works and speak about the theater world.

Members of the panel were

  • Ituen Basi.
  • Isaac Bassey whom was unavoidably absent, hence, was fully represented by Mr Ibe.
  • Magaret Henshaw Dacosta.
  • Juliana Dede.
  • Mojola Yetude.

And the moderator for the eve was beautiful Yetty Ogunnubi.
All members of the 5-Man panel shared their experiences in this unique aspect of fashion in which they are almost not always “seen” so to speak! However, their creativity does make them “known”. The panel made emphasis on the indispensable nature of the costumiers to the Movie Industry and Theater Arts as a whole. Quoting them,”the right or rather appropriate costume” not only makes Art beautiful to behold, but also helps to define correctly the role that is being played/represented. To define a Role/Character requires putting a number of factors into consideration. Factors such as Culture, Material (Fabric), Season, what is in vogue etc should never be ignored as they help to make the character/role come out real and relatable to the informed audience. It was quite an honor to hear and learn from the Iconic Designers of the Theater Art Fashion Industry. In the course of the show, we had a musical interlude that absolutely depicted Art as well as two Poem presentations that were presented extemporaneously!
Here are some of the pictures from the runway

Juliana Dede

Margaret Henshaw Dacosta

Team Slimmy Clothing Designs

Thespians are indeed Fashionable!

The Continuum Collections

Without music, life would be a mistake.

lf life would be an absolute mistake without music, then what is life without a covering {clothing}?

Check out this music themed outfit by SCD.






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The Continuum Collections 

Hey guys! How have you been? We hope our blog post meets you well.. Today’s blog post is gonna be based on our first Collection for the year, themed – THE CONTINUM COLLECTIONS.

The Continuum Collections by Slimmy Clothing Designs

We showcased some of our carefully crafted designs… fifteen(15) different costumes worn elegantly by eight(8) of our models.
In our subsequent posts, we would be sharing with you, those lovely costumes of ours. So stay glued!

Watch this space!

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Introducing – Slimmy Clothing Designs Blog

Hey peepz! Officially, this is our Blog . We have been active on Instagram since November 2015 as @slimmy_clothingdesigns . It’s been a great ride and we decided to take it further by starting a blog.

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